Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Accidentally here

Since I started running a blog about my experiences in Edinburgh, everything I have written is about how important, inspirational and great this city has become to me. Everything I have lived in these five years has helped me to build my personality and character. I am always joking when I say I have grown up in Edinburgh but the truth is that I consider myself much more mature than I used to be before my life here.
For this post, I would like to focus in one negative aspect that we all have suffered while living this kind of life. This is a stop-over city for many people. We come here for different reasons; to give it a try, to live an experience, to improve our English, to escape from the daily routine, to work… there are lots and different reasons but we all have one point in common; once we are living here, we stay longer that we initially thought and when we look back, we simply can´t believe how fast time has passed! It is at this point that our negative element enters. I am talking about people deciding to move on. All those friends who have turned into part of your family, who have become very close friends, start feeling that their experience in Edinburgh has come to an end and they leave as they came into your life, suddenly. So the only thing we can do is re-adapt to the new situation and learn how to live without them around.
We all know that it has to be like that. We accidentally met each other and since that moment, we are perfectly conscious that they day when we will say good bye will arrive, sooner or later. So at this moment, I´d like to dedicate this post to all these friends with whom I have shared lots and lots of moments on the streets of Edinburgh from Jorge who was the first one leaving this adventure to Carlos, my big support in the last couple of years. Thanks to all of them I learnt how to live and love this city.
It said that your home is not the place where you were born, it is where your friends are and you feel part of it. I can´t agree more.

Desde que puse en marcha este blog sobre mis experiencias en Edimburgo, todo lo que he escrito ha girado en torno a lo importante, inspiradora y maravillosa que ha sido esta ciudad para mí. Todo lo que he vivido en estos cinco años me ha ayudado a construir mi personalidad. Puede parecer que bromeo cuando digo que he crecido en Edimburgo pero, la verdad, es que ahora me considero una persona mucho más madura.
En esta ocasión me gustaría centrarme en un aspecto negativo que empecé a experimentar al poco de venir aquí. Ésta es una ciudad de paso para mucha gente. Todos nosotros venimos por diferentes razones: para darnos una oportunidad, para vivir una experiencia, para mejorar el inglés, para escapar de nuestra rutina diaria, en busca de trabajo… hay muchas razones diferentes pero todos nosotros tenemos un punto en común; una vez vivimos aquí, al final estamos más tiempo del que inicialmente pensábamos, y cuando miramos atrás, simplemente no podemos creer lo rápido que ha pasado. En este punto es cuando la parte negativa entra en acción; estoy hablando de la decisión de volver. Todos estos amigos que han sido parte de tu familia aquí, quienes se han convertido en personas muy cercanas, empiezan a sentir que la experiencia en Edimburgo ha llegado a su fin y se van de tu vida de la misma manera que entraron, de repente. Así que, llegados a este punto, lo único que se puede hacer es adaptarse de nuevo y aprender a vivir sin ellos alrededor.
Todos sabemos que tiene que ser así. Nos conocimos accidentalmente y desde ese mismo instante, somos conscientes de que tarde o temprano llegará un día en que tengamos que decirnos adiós. Por lo importante que han sido estas personas que han pasado por mi vida en Edimburgo, desde Jorge que fue el primero en marchar, hasta Carlos, mi gran apoyo en los dos últimos años, esta vez quiero dedicarles esta entrada a todos ellos, con los que he compartido miles de buenos momentos por las calles de Edimburgo. Gracias a vosotros he aprendido a vivir y a amar esta ciudad.
Dicen que tu hogar no es el lugar donde has nacido, es donde están tus amigos y donde te sientes parte. Y no puedo estar más de acuerdo.


  1. sweet :) well done Adrian !

  2. wow!!! I loved it. Everything u wrote is right :D

  3. U r so right Adrian! Love your blog :)

  4. For me Edinburgh will always have a special place in my heart, so many great things happened for me there, maybe its the best time in my life i dont know, but for sure it plays an important role that is who i am today. Im sure its similar for you as well. So thanks for that reminder, it really came all the way to the heart and took me back in time what all have happened. I dont know maybe that city is magical, it for sure changes people, well it changed me!

  5. Jo Adrianito, precioso, de verdad!!! un besote gordoooooo

  6. you are such a romantic Adri, :)

    big hugs my dear friend

  7. Thanks my friends! I´m sure you all know what I´m talking about cos you have also experienced something like this...

  8. Adri, as you well know I never experienced the same love for Edinburgh as you do but there´s one thing that made me stay longer than I thought, your priceless company and support.This is something that I want to share with all the people that follow your living experience in Edinburgh through your blog. Thanks!